Ingrid was originally intended to be a hat stand. unfortunately she was rejected due to antler deficit so she ended up as a decoration in a small village bed and breakfast.
Her good looks were however spotted by a guest, a tipsy philanthropic wizard, who proceeded to reanimate her. She thanked him by immediately eating some pages of his spell book thus giving her not only indigestion but a beautiful, soprano singing voice.

Band member Ingrid.The Inklings vocalist



Performing on stage doesn't come easy to rabbits or hares. Tending to freeze in spotlights they are not some of nature's most natural performers.
Magnus however has managed to overcome this stage fright by imagining himself invisible whilst playing.
It has been suggested that if he could convince the world of his transparency he would do a great service to the animator who struggles with the fiddly bits associated with a complicated guitar solo. 

Band member Magnus. The Inklings guitarist.



Classically trained at the renowned Glug Music Conservatoire, Ludwig is one of the the worlds finest trans aquatic concert pianists.
Playing with the Inklings, however, may not be as challenging to him musically as he would like but lumbering about on stilts is still very demanding.
When asked about whether his musical tastes were evolving, he seemed more concerned whether or not his fins were.

Band member Ludwig. The Inklings pianist.



Gustav was the last to join the Inklings and sometimes seems a little reluctant to the venture as a whole.
This may have something to do with the fact he was immediately assigned the responsibility of instrument transportation.
Wondering what is particularly ‘grand’ about the piano he has to carry, he is worried what will happen if they have to cross any water in this mountainous region.
Then again doesn't every band start with a fjord transit?

Band member Gustav. The Inklings bassist.



Neville (rodentia indeterminatus) has been described as an untamed force of nature and, if prodding annoyance is such a force, then this could well be true.
Displaying the foresight of a gullible lemming, he has taken it upon himself to be the unofficial band leader.
So off they go, seeking fame and fortune. Happily wandering, wide eyed into the jolly old, lion's mouth.

Band member Neville. The Inklings drummer.